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Welcome To Huskey Truss & Building Supply

Huskey Truss and Building Supply, Inc. is uniquely equipped to serve production builders, custom home builders, and commercial builders on virtually any scale.
Huskey's full range of products puts the right materials in your hands. In addition, our rich array of services further empowers you to successfully reach your goals. We can even help you build your project with a turn-key plan called The HuskeyHouse System.

Becoming a "WOW" Company

During the year of 2016, Huskey employees are training to be known as a WOW company. What is a WOW company? When you're finished dealing with one of Huskeys' employees, whether you work at Huskey, are a vendor that deals with Huskey or are a Huskey customer, your thought should be "Wow, that was a great experience".

We are making public our "Culture and Values" which should be felt with every contact made with one of our employees. When visiting one of our stores, you should see this commitment posted in a number of locations.

Questions for Us

If you have questions or need material/pricing information, please click on the "Contact Us" tab above to send us a message.

Building Plans

If you have a building plan you'd like to share with us for feedback and assessment, you can click on the "Contact" Tab at the top of the screen.
Let us know you have some plans and we'll make arrangements to get together with you.

We're building solutions

Here at Huskey, we're building solutions. Not only is that our Core Value, it's our daily business.

Featured Partners

We would like to thank our Featured Partners for their support in our business.

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